LUNA SOLANA & James Zero “Fake Love”

This is LUNA SOLANA’s debut song. She is an EDM vocalist from Colorado, USA and is working on a solid body of work. She also released her cover of “Panic Attacks” by Elohim at the request of Elohim herself. Luna tagged Elohim on instagram in a small cover and Elohim messaged her back, telling her to create a full cover and release it. Luna has the aesthetic of of a beautiful modern witch.

James Zero is the featured artist on this song. He just released his own album, “Oceans (& Other Bodies of Water)” in August of this year, 2021.

This song, FAKE LOVE, was created over a year ago when the two began talking and decided to start making music together as a duo. James Zero is the dedicated producer of LUNA SOLANA, and LUNA SOLANA is featured in James Zero’s live shows, “James Zero & the Heroes”.