Leezy’s new album reaching No. 5 on R&B iTunes chart not just win a for him, but for Northern California

R&B artist Leezy considers his new album to be a success not just for him, but for Modesto the city that has supported him throughout his entire music career.

The Northern California native released his new album, “Your Favorite Album” on Oct. 10 and it quickly climbed the iTunes chart. The eight-song album reached No. 5 on the iTunes R&B/Soul chart.

“Your Favorite Album” is Leezy’s first solo album to find its way to the music charts. Leezy said it meant a lot to him to see his album rank so high.

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“I was told that I had to confine to what other artists were doing, like making fast R&B, pop-style music (and) that my style of R&B wasn’t in anymore and wasn’t in style,” Leezy said. “I kept pushing that … To see the numbers go crazy like that only proved me right but it was a great feeling to know that if you just follow what’s in your heart, what you do, you will always win especially if you put the hard work in.”