Lecky ‘Secrets’

Alexander Oswald Mowbray, known as Lecky, is revolutionizing the Australian music scene from Melbourne with his unique blend of emo and rap. Born on November 8, 2002, this Australia/Fijian artist combines heartfelt lyrics with dynamic beats, creating a sound that resonates deeply with listeners worldwide. After initially releasing his music for free online, Lecky’s second studio album, “Lovers 2 Enemies,” dropped in November 2023 under his label, LeckyENT. The album, featuring hits like “LOVE & LUST,” “GOKU,” and “VOLKANOVSKI,” received critical and commercial acclaim, marking him as a significant figure in the emo/rap genre.

“SECRETS (ENEMIES 2 LOVERS)” exemplifies his talent for capturing the complexities of human relationships. Besides his solo career, Lecky is a key member of the Melbourne-based collective LeckyENT, where he promotes emerging talents, demonstrating his commitment to the growth of the local music community. Lecky’s innovative approach not only defines him as a standout artist but also as a mentor and influencer in the evolving landscape of music.