“Keyyz Da Poet Takes Flight with ‘Butterfly’ Featuring Lehn Kessen”

Yo, check it out, fam! We’ve got a hot new artist on the block, reppin’ straight from the GA and now holding it down in the streets of Maryland. This cat goes by the name of Keyyz Da Poet, but you can call him Keyyz Open Doors.

He’s droppin’ some fire with his latest jam, “Butterfly,” and he ain’t doin’ it solo. He’s teamed up with the incredible Lehn Kessen to bring you that heat. This track ain’t just music; it’s an experience that’ll hit you right in the feels.

If you wanna vibe to “Butterfly,” you can catch it on all the streaming platforms, including Spotify. No cap, it’s a banger, and you won’t wanna miss it. Hit up this link right here to get in on the action: Spotify – Butterfly.

Keyyz Da Poet, aka Keyyz Open Doors, is bringin’ that heat, and “Butterfly” is proof that he’s here to stay. Don’t sleep on this one, fam!