Kawakb ‘Romancing the Abyss’

The universe is a weird thing. We were just discussing the possibility of our site releasing a Lo-Fi album. Then boom; we get our very first Lo-Fi submission. It comes from Kawakb and is called ‘Romancing the Abyss’. Kawakb really knows how to transcend listeners into a peaceful world of their own imagination. With other tracks like ‘Instant Knafeh‘ you can hear the level of versatility Kawakb has to offer. Listen to ‘Romancing the Abyss’ below and stay up to date on Kawakb releases. at the links below.

Instagram: @Kawakb https://www.instagram.com/kawakb.music

Twitter: @KawakbM https://twitter.com/KawakbM

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kawakb.music