Joseph Rutakangwa Unveils Raw Emotion in Latest Single “Please God”

Los Angeles-based artist Joseph Rutakangwa has laid bare his inner struggles and pressures in his latest track, “Please God.” In this raw expression, Joseph confronts the relentless pursuit of success, capturing the feeling of battling against the tide with dreams slipping further away each day.

The lyrics of “Please God” offer a candid reflection of Joseph’s journey, encompassing the fight against financial burdens, the yearning for a breakthrough, and the deep-seated question of whether there’s a greater force listening to our pleas. It’s a poignant exploration of the quiet desperation that comes with watching time slip by while striving for success in a world where nothing seems to go as planned.

Joseph Rutakangwa, already a familiar name with over a million Spotify streams for hits like “Avani” and “I Am Meant for You,” ventures into the hip-hop and pop rap arena with “Please God.” This latest single marks a significant evolution in his musical journey, weaving themes of ambition and resilience into a compelling narrative.

As a seasoned artist, Rutakangwa’s ability to blend vulnerability with powerful storytelling is evident in “Please God,” creating a musical experience that resonates with listeners on a personal level. With this latest release, Joseph Rutakangwa continues to establish himself as a versatile artist who fearlessly explores the depths of human emotion through his music.