Intelligent Diva”Submit To You”

It’s rare to find a song that has both depth and sexiness, yet this is what you get with the latest track from Intelligent Diva, ‘Submit to You’

Starting off with an enchanting, tinkling sound, the song feels a bit like stepping into a magical forest. One where you’re allowed to feel uninhibited and be yourself, which is definitely an under-valued experience of our modern world. 

‘I got you now’, Intelligent Diva sings in her sexy, sultry voice, drawing you in deeper after her. So compelling her voice is that you have no choice but to submit, as the song itself suggests, and let yourself flow on the seductive, unique beat of this brand new track.

We’d like to highlight – if it’s not already evident – that this is a highly sexual and as such, explicit track. As the Diva herself points out in an interview, it is not intended for audiences under 18. Those of you over 18, however, are in for quite a ride.

We won’t go into the details that the lyrics provide, suffice to say it gets pretty steamy. Oddly enough, despite the track’s title, the artist manages to maintain a dominant role throughout. Her voice, her manner of singing, as well as the beats themselves, all demonstrate a supreme command of the song.

In other words, this Diva doesn’t let you think for a moment that she’s not in charge, which creates for a wonderful contrast and showcases an interesting versatility on her part.

According to Intelligent Diva, the song is meant to provide a lifeline for struggling couples. As a single mother herself, the Diva knows how difficult it can be to keep a relationship going when working long, erratic hours and how boredom can easily seep in, if you’re not careful.

Which is why she tries to provide that extra bit of spice, so well depicted in this tune. 

‘I try to make songs couples can relate to,’ the Diva attests, which indeed, is the ultimate purpose of music, in our opinion, at least. 

After all we’ve told you about her, you’ll be surprised to hear that Intelligent Diva started out as a choir-singer, in a church. Once again, this goes to show her musical versatility, as well as the fact she’s not afraid to take on a challenge, as long as the project excites her. 

And it will no doubt excite you, too.