Gin Cooley Brings Out Unattainable ahead of EP ‘GIN’ Release

Today, I want to talk to you about a discovery I made while browsing Instagram. Like many, I’ve been holed up at home and spending a way too huge amount of time on my phone, scrolling through my IG feed. What can you do, a girl’s gotta fill her time somehow, no?

Anyway, this discovery that so delighted me was of an account called @drinkswithgin, which immediately appealed to me because that’s a damn good handle, in my opinion. So I started scrolling through this amazing lady’s feed and was immediately taken by the fact that she dedicates a lot of her time to sports and has a sense of humor. 

So naturally, when I saw that the woman behind the account, Gin Cooley by her name, is an indie musician, I had to check her out and I did not regret it for one moment.

I listened to her single “Unattainable” and was immediately hooked. To say that this is exactly my kind of music would be a colossal understatement. Cooley’s voice is soft and sultry and sounds like a beautiful lullaby.

It feels like a beautiful princess from a dark underworld is singing you to sleep, and I am living for it. I know, I must be very annoying to put to sleep, because each time I listen to “Unattainable”, I don’t want to sleep. I want to listen to it again and again, which I’ve been doing, well into the early hours of the morning.

The track has somewhat synth vibes and gives off a very laid-back feel, with its carefully drawn-out percussion and subtle melody. It’s a soulful tune, though it doesn’t sound like what you’d expect it to. Cooley’s voice is not heavy or in you face, but cool and secretive. 

It’s that inner voice you hear when all you want is just to be left alone with your own thoughts for a while. And when you feel like that, Cooley’s song is precisely what you’ll want in your playlist. Or hey, if you can wait a while longer, you’ll be able to listen to her whole EP, which is coming out on the 29th of May (and I literally can’t wait for it!). 

It’s truly a beautiful song, one that caters to a variety of musical tastes, and one that I highly encourage you to check out.