“Getting To Know: Corey B”

Artist Name: Corey B 

Location: Atlanta , GA 

Hometown: Queens, NY 

What made you get into making music in the first place? 

Have been singing since I was 3, singing has always been apart of me before I even knew who I was. It saved me more times than I can even mention and got me through all I’ve been through.

Did your parents or family influence you into music, or were they against your music aspirations? 

They loved it and my grandma automatically had me in church and singing everywhere since it all began. 

If you could collaborate with any artist outside of your genre, who would it be? 

Hard question cause I do multiple genres and most of the greatest in the game of love to perform with have passed, but I would love to work with Jason Aldean, Neyo, Doja Cat & Lil Yatchy 

What makes your music different from other artists? 

I have a unique style and bring back true feeling and emotion to music. Real music isn’t dead and I stand on that with every body of work I create. 

Do you have a song you released that you dislike, but your fans love? 

Not released in stores but my day one fans know a song on my original SoundCloud that was originally suppose to be a suicide letter that I decided to sing. People request to hear it often but it’s a bittersweet song to me. 

What was it like growing up where you were raised? 

Grew up in West Virginia had its good and bad , dealt with alot of racist and prejudiced people, got some wild stories but also met alot of good along the way. 

Do you have any crazy stories on performing live, or promoting your music in the club? 

Craziest thing probably was this one time performing in Baltimore a fight broke out mid show and all I saw was this girl walk up and uppercut this big black dude and lay his ass out cold. Keep singing through it all but it was wild Af. 

Do you have a favorite type of food that your fans should know about? I love mozzarella sticks , one time I ate 42 off them and instantly threw up!

What should your fans expect to come next? 

More visuals ! Bigger events ! Stay tuned ! 

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