Explore Ismail Ismael Gabasau’s Creativity With His Latest EP, “The Art of Seeing Through”

Explore Ismael Gabasau’s Creativity With His Latest EP, “The Art of Seeing Through”

Ismael Gabasau is a multi-talented singer-songwriter and painter who has just released his first EP album, “The Art of Seeing Through,” combining the major influences of Jazz, Bossanova, and Funk. This album was created with the help of producers worldwide, and each track is a masterpiece of its own.

When the pandemic hit, Ismael used abstract painting to express his grief over his uncle’s passing. It led him to compose “Sour and Sweet,” a jazz song inspired by his painting. He also wrote “Pumpkin Empanadas,” a Bossanova track dedicated to his grandmother, after using her recipe to make pumpkin empanadas.

The album is filled with beautiful melodies from flutes, saxophones, pianos, guitars, and percussive arrangements. Ismael’s music reflects life with its beauty and ugliness. Each song peeks into his soul and reminds him that life must go on.

If you’re looking for an album filled with music that will touch your soul and express the emotions of life, Ismael Gabasau’s “The Art of Seeing Through” is a perfect choice. Be sure to check out this amazing album and experience the musical brilliance of Ismael’s art.

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