Everything you need to know about Valid Point.

Valid Point is more than just a musical partnership. Thad and Jonah are two brothers who share a strong connection, not only because they are related but also because they love music, and they realized that together, they had the potential to build something unique. Not many people are lucky enough to share a creative vision with one of their family members, but this is the case with Valid Point. The two blood brothers managed to make the most out of their chemistry and set the bar higher with exciting new ideas. Hailing from North Carolina, the two became so committed to making music that they decided to move together into one single room to use the other as a music room. This devotion enabled them to have a creative and diverse space, allowing them to experiment and raise the bar. Even as they grew older and moved to separate homes, the brothers continued to collaborate musically. They maintained the same dynamic, even when they were cities apart, with Thad living in Nashville and Jonah residing in San Diego. Valid Point started making music seriously in 2017. As mentioned earlier, they made tremendous strides making good music together, but it was mostly for leisure; they never really thought their career would follow. One day, things changed as Jonah was looking through Thad’s musical archives. He realized that there were so many gems and unreleased ideas that had potential and deserved an audience. He managed to convince him to give those tracks a shot and eventually had the idea to release these tracks together. Jonah would handle lyrics and other management tasks, while Thad would handle things from a musical perspective. This marked the beginning of Valid Point as a musical collaboration! Together, they have all it takes to make quality music and artwork, even though they are based in different cities. While apart, they still manage to work together through the Internet, lifting each other with their respective talents and vision. Their music is incredibly diverse as well. Valid Point’s sound is wide-ranging, and the pair’s tracks have been described in various ways. They also explore the organic edge of lo-fi hip-hop, boom-bap, and bedroom hip-hop with a more melodic twist.

However, Thad is so flexible in his creativity that he often goes for other influences, including indie-pop and even some pop-punk. Genre definitions do not mean much for Valid Point because the duo has a vision: making genre-bending music and artwork, regardless of what it might be and where inspiration might strike.

The audience seems to be proving them right, and the idea of keeping an open mind has been paying off. In the year 2020 alone, Valid Point received over one million streams.

Their music is fresh and spontaneous, highlighting the duo’s personality and its ability to explore new ideas constantly. Some artists never leave their comfort zone, but arguably, this is not the case with Valid Point. The project’s sound and artwork are a perfect example of how these two brothers and collaborators are always willing to reinvent their vision and develop new ideas without compromising creativity and flow. Valid Point’s music comes highly recommended if you do enjoy the work of artists as diverse as J Dilla, Kennyhoopla, and Mos Def, among others. Any fan of high-quality hip-hop with an open creative approach and some impactful production aesthetics should have no trouble connecting with this great release and bonding with the artist on a more in-depth basis. This is a great calling card for Valid Point and undoubtedly a strong example of great things to come very soon. Recently, the brothers had to deal with the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, like many other artists out there. They have been unable to perform live, but this is the main item on their to-do list.  They are currently working on how to implement live shows in their work, and they want to be able to hit stages pretty much as soon as the restrictions ease up, and the opportunity will allow for it. For now, they are still heavily focusing on creating and releasing new music.

Valid Point is planning on releasing at the very least one new track every month. This remarkable consistency will allow them to continue to drop quality music and take their vision to a whole new level of depth.

Find out more about Valid Point, and do not miss out on the pair’s exciting music.