Eerie Weather Unveils Deeply Personal New Single “Fathom”

Arizona’s own Eerie Weather has released a powerful new single, “Fathom,” available now on Spotify. This track, written in collaboration with Matti Hoffman of Escape the Fate and produced by Matt Good of From First to Last, showcases Eerie Weather’s raw emotional depth and musical talent.

“Fathom” stands out not only for its compelling sound but also for its deeply personal lyrics. The song is a musical representation of Eerie Weather’s experiences with anxiety, offering a vulnerable and introspective look at how these feelings manifest. With Matt Good contributing additional guitars and backup vocals, the track carries a rich, immersive quality that resonates with listeners.

Eerie Weather describes “Fathom” as the most personal song they’ve written, capturing the essence of their emotional struggles. This collaboration with renowned artists highlights Eerie Weather’s ability to blend profound storytelling with captivating music.

Stream “Fathom” now and experience the heartfelt journey Eerie Weather has crafted. Listen here: Fathom on Spotify.