Dilyer Stevens ‘SOVEREIGN D’

Dilyer stevens has announced his First Debut song “ SOVEREIGN D” for the 8th of October, Available in all music platforms.

Dilyer has announced a new song called SOVEREIGN D . The project is written, directed, and executive co produced by Dilyer . It’s set to premiere on All streaming platforms( date)

Dilyer previously worked with Music but he was too insecure to release. As it’s a whole new Era for him. According to a press release, “SOVEREIGN IS A PERSON REGARDED AS THE FINEST AND MOST IMPORTANT IN THEIR SPHERE GROUP” and the song is very different from the title. “It’s pop magic”

According to Dilyer: Via Instagram

Hes been holding onto these song for a really long time and it’s all about feelings that come in intensely and burn out quickly.

Dilyer also highlighted “It’s an aggressive sound and an honest retelling of my experiences, and a side of me I’ve been dying to share”

“This year I promised to release music and show you all parts of my musical brain. My sound is defined through my experiences, inspirations, and perspectives.
Genre is just a construct that has the ability to hold musicians back from exploration and expression. Not me, not ever.”

Are we ready to hear Dilyers music side? Will he again break records? We already love the song before we even press play, because our king D surely kills it in every area he steps on!

Pre save “SOVEREIGN D” now!