Composer Gianfranco Pescetti breaks the calm of the morning peace with his latest piece, “Sundog.”

The music hits you emotionally where nothing else can, and it is this universal language that has seen the rise of phenomenally gifted artists all holding a piece of something exceptionally unique and identifiable to their unique audiences; one such marvelous genius is Gianfranco Pescetti, a multitalented artist whose artisanship spans various disciplines; bass player, composer, and producer. Based out of the Island of Maui, Gianfranco Pescetti has been engineering a sound that hits and connects with its listeners emotionally without the lyrics.

Pescetti can be defined as an instrumental music artist. His ability to pull out impossible but beautiful sounds against all the rules of the genre and style is simply astonishing! His impressive catalog boasts transportation soundscapes that are evocative and equally thrilling. Combining atmospheric guitar runs with unique cinematic rhythms provides an electrifying combination of sound, such as in his latest masterpiece, “Sundog,” that is immersive and transports its listener towards the universe within and the unfathomable depths of emphatic comprehension and contemplation!

There is just that consistent incursion of melody and rhythm, the inundation of ideas, the rush of emotions, and a stream of excitement, all fused simultaneously without worrying about what particular rules are being broken.

It is just an explorative and adventurous sound design at its finest and radiates that strong magnetic pull to make you want to keep listening to it on repeat.

Gianfranco Pescetti is now gearing up for the release of his new instrumental album, which will 

be released this fall. It is something you want to take advantage of!

To get a feel for Gianfranco Pescetti’s craftsmanship, follow the attached link and relish this exceptional and ethereally gratifying performance that is both versatile and entertaining!

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