Colt Williams ‘Collection Plate’

Yo, peep this, we got Colt Williams straight reppin’ Upper Darby, PA, comin’ through with that next-level wisdom in his latest banger, “Collection Plate.” This ain’t your average rap track, nah, it’s more like a lyrical sermon droppin’ knowledge bombs left and right.

Williams ain’t afraid to channel the spirit of rap legends like Kendrick Lamar and Big Krit, mixin’ slick flows with deep introspection. He’s takin’ us on a journey through time, showin’ us how the struggles of biblical times still ring true in today’s world. It’s like he’s pickin’ up where the greats left off, carryin’ on the tradition of speakin’ truth to power.

And don’t even get me started on that music video, man. It’s a cinematic masterpiece, blendin’ ancient visuals with modern-day grit, just like Kendrick did in “HUMBLE.” and Big Krit in “Keep the Devil Off.” Williams ain’t just makin’ music—he’s makin’ art that’ll make you think.

Colt Williams ain’t just another rapper, he’s a storyteller with a message, and trust me, you don’t wanna miss out.