“Colt McLauchlin: Farming Roots and Country Grooves Shine in ‘Drinkin’ Boots’

In the heartland of Southwestern Ontario, where the fields stretch as far as the eye can see, Colt McLauchlin’s love affair with country music was born. Raised on a farm near Petrolia, the soundtrack of his life has always been country melodies and twangy tunes. For Colt, country isn’t just a genre; it’s a way of life that’s been coursing through his veins since childhood.

As a young boy, some of Colt’s earliest memories were spent riding alongside his father on a tractor, the radio belting out tunes by legends like Jimmy Dickens and his hero, Alan Jackson. It wasn’t long before he was singing along, strumming his very first guitar, and letting his imagination run wild with dreams of the country music stage.

The journey from farm fields to Nashville stages was a captivating one for Colt McLauchlin. It began with guitar lessons and country music concerts, and at the age of 15, he received the invitation that would set his destiny in motion. His uncle, Dave Braswell, a seasoned music veteran with over forty years of experience, asked Colt to join him on stage. He was hooked, and he was booked.

Soon, Colt found himself fronting a five-piece band, performing at weekend dances and gracing country festivals as a talented artist. At each opportunity, he’d find his way to the stage, captivating audiences and earning fans and friends at every show.

His fearless pursuit of his country music dreams led him to some of Nashville’s most iconic venues, from Margaritaville to Rippy’s, Legends to Tootsies, and even the hallowed ground of his hero, Alan Jackson’s Bar. These experiences only fueled his determination to make his mark in the world of country music.

Fate stepped in when Colt caught the attention of longtime tour manager, soundman, and filmmaker John Power during one of his performances. This connection led to a pivotal moment in Colt’s career when he was introduced to the award-winning songwriter and music producer, Thomas Wade.

This collaboration marked a turning point in Colt’s journey, leading to songwriting sessions and recording at Nashville’s renowned studio, “The Rukkus Room.” His self-penned debut single, ‘Drinkin’ Boots,’ has made its mark, gracing all major music platforms and lighting up country radio. And if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out his impressive and infectious ‘Drinkin’ Boots’ music video on YouTube – it’s a visual treat you won’t want to miss.

In the last month, Colt has followed up with his second single, ‘Redneck Money,’ co-written by Rodney Janzen and Ryan Brashears, promising even more musical gems on the horizon.

Colt McLauchlin is more than a country musician; he’s a farmer and mechanic with an unyielding passion for country music. His journey embodies the very essence of country life – working hard, trying hard, and believing in dreams. As he continues to captivate audiences with his music and unwavering dedication, one thing’s for certain: Colt McLauchlin’s star is on the rise, and his music is the heartbeat of true country living.”