Christine Tarquinio ’All Angels’

Christine Tarquinio, from Melbourne, makes a striking return with “All Angles.” This track, her first since her 2023 EP, delves into the complexity of emotional struggles beneath a tough façade. Produced by Daniel Nieberg, it’s a powerful anthem of control, strength, and vulnerability, inspired by Christine’s experiences as a mother and protector.

Blending influences from Taylor Swift’s storytelling, Ed Sheeran’s acoustic touch, Coldplay’s anthemic sounds, and Muse’s allure, with a dash of Gwen Stefani’s cool and Natalie Imbruglia’s vulnerability, Christine’s music resonates deeply. A mentor and mother, her life and music are dedicated to family and the lessons therein.

Marking nearly a decade in music, Christine continues to innovate and inspire. “All Angles” signifies not just a song, but an emotional journey, available now on all platforms. As she moves forward, Christine’s passion for music and family shines through, promising more heartfelt narratives to come.