The track “I Been On” has the excellent, old school hip hop rhythm that we’ve come to expect and love from Charlotte, MC singer and songwriter Chantly Jones. His latest release tells the story of the struggles he faced, coming down his path, and through this message, manages to relate a little bit to everyone who’s listening. Because everyone has faced a set-back of some kind, haven’t they?

A heavily mixed song, “I Been On” has an exciting vibe and a killer beat, that just stays with you long after you stop listening to the track. 

“I stay on my grind,” Chantly Jones sings in “I Been On”, and then goes on to tell you about the “dirty game”, and about trying to be an honest, successful man in a world that seems against you. It’s a soul-felt track, no doubt about that, and paired with that enviable beat, it’s sure to be a real killer soon. 

What is particularly interesting about this piece is that Chantly Jones not only wrote and performed it, but he also launched it under his very own record label, Open Season (a shout-out to his favorite sport and one of his main hobbies, basketball).

“I Been On” can appear deceptively simple rhythm, and the lyrics loop over and over, but that only succeeds in driving the point home even better. Over and again, Chantly Jones sings about being on the grind, about working hard, and you wonder why does this lyric repeat over and over?

But then you realize what a clever trick it is, and how very symbolic. By repeating the chorus, Chantly Jones perfectly underlines the repetitive nature of work, and manages to convey some of the frustration he feels when he sees his work does not pay off.

A highly driven man, Chantly Jones had his fair share of set-backs before becoming the talented musician he is now. And he lets you know it, in this brand new single.