BAILROSE “Break My Heart”

BAILROSE, hailing from the small town of Crocker, Missouri, brings a touch of heartland authenticity to her music. Having relocated to Springfield a few years ago, BAILROSE is making waves with her debut single, “Break My Heart.” Born from personal experiences, the song captures the essence of disappointment and the resiliency to rise above it.

In her small-town roots, BAILROSE found inspiration for her heartfelt lyrics, crafting a narrative that many can relate to. “Break My Heart” initially mirrors encounters with those who have let her down, but BAILROSE cleverly transforms it into an anthem of solidarity for anyone who has faced heartbreak. The decision to connect with her audience on a personal level adds a layer of authenticity to her work.

Recording at Studio 2100 in Springfield under the guidance of Jeff Smith, BAILROSE masterfully brought her emotions to life in the studio. “Break My Heart” stands as a testament to her ability to translate personal experiences into a relatable and emotive musical journey. With this debut single, BAILROSE opens a window into her world, inviting listeners to share in the highs and lows of life’s emotional landscape. Stay tuned for more from this rising talent as she continues to captivate audiences with her genuine storytelling and soulful sound.