“Atlantis” by Asher Laub

Well-known musician Asher Laub has released the new song “Atlantis.” Released via FD Productions, it is a violin-driven song like none other, as its sound transcends far beyond that of a traditional violin. “Atlantis” would best be enjoyed by anyone looking for a song driven by an electronic violin, as well as anyone simply looking for a high-quality new instrumental to listen to.
Upon just one listen to “Atlantis,” listeners will be taken back by Asher Laub’s exceptional skills. This is a truly breathtaking performance and one that will make listeners want to play the song multiple times. The most remarkable part about “Atlantis” is how it changes tempo throughout. For example, the song starts softly but then builds to a point where listeners will be able to feel the emotion coming through the violin.
The music video for “Atlantis” depicts Asher Laub playing his violin while standing in an open area in Maui, Hawaii. It is full of beautiful scenery, allowing viewers to be captivated by the video throughout the entire act.

Fans can buy shares via https://corite.com/asher-laub/atlantis


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