X-IT ONLY featuring . KING BRICE

The single includes cuts by DJ 2 Tall with additional vocals by XKLUSIV DA SELEKTA who’s currently working on an album.
The Collective is a Hot new release track by some of the most prominent and influential emcees in the game who’ve been overlooked for far too long like many others out there with great content. This Hip Hop treat is currently available Exclusively on itunesdigital.com which is considered the Noah’s Ark of Websites in my opinion. The record is produced by the multi talented and versatile King Brice who’s name has been ringing bells in the industry for quite some time. The artist / producer also recently released an instrumental project with the popular DJ Chuck Massacure available on all digital platforms. twitter @KingBriceRadio
IG : @kingbriceofficial Ig @xitonly