The Entertainment Powerhouse ‘It’s Gorgeous Musique’

Underneath every rock there were seeds that were planted and sprouted an incredible strong tree. From those branches emerge fruitful offspring capable of changing the entire forest. That tree is It’s Gorgeous Musique, a record label founded by visionary Creer Savoir-Faire from Los Angeles, California. It’s Gorgeous Musique is created with the artists in mind and service to not only other sub labels but the community as well. The structure of It’s Gorgeous Musique has for every role qualified personnel behind the helm running that specific job function. Due to this dedication of every employee, It’s Gorgeous Musique has been able to successfully create and produce an annual award show since 2017. The award show is packed with entertainment and respect to the culture of music. The success of It’s Gorgeous Musique can be attributed to the growth the record company has seen over the years since its creation in 2016. 

In that short time frame studios have been built and run in Las Vegas, NV, Portland, OR, and Los Angeles, CA and are producing quality service for clients in the respective cities. From those studios and the vision of Creer Savoir-Faire has emerged some very talented artists such as Bullet, Traffic, Thee Kidd, Da Fleet X, Native King, and Mallorei X, as well as many more. Not to be outdone by the studio platforms and the artists, there also is a radio platform. The radio platform has segments such as Devoure’ TV, The Official Happy Hour Show, and Late Night Whispers. There is a radio topic and conversation from every walk of life, proving that It’s Gorgeous Musique has created a place where versatility is encouraged and growing from the small seed is a gorgeous scene to behold.