Rock Mafia X Goldiie “Fuck What People Think”

Fuck what people think! One of the most simple sayings we have heard through out our lives but yet we as humans seem to still let the thoughts and opinions of everyone else hold weight and affect us. But wouldn’t it be even easier if we had a pop song to be the empowerment of our day to day?

That’s where the new collaboration from Rock Mafia and Goldiie comes in. Appropriately titled “F**K What People Think.”

With mounting concerns over cyber-bullying, social media depression and growing outward displays of intolerance, “Fuck What People Think” serves as the dose of music therapy we all need. It is a sing-along and get-up-and-dance power anthem to heal and empower. “There’s a social epidemic where people are allowing others to make them feel like they’re not worthy, like they can’t shine in their own unique way. People judge others just for being different than them. This song is about driving home the point that it doesn’t matter what people think.”

Rock Mafia