Lots of people have tried to define truly great music over the years. For some, it’s the song with the loudest beat, while for others, it’s the one with the catchiest lyrics. For us, good music is the one that goes in every situation. And the song we’re talking about today definitely goes in every social circumstance – while you’re at home, relaxing, or at work, trying to get some creative flow going. Whether at a party or on your own, Faizan’s brand new song, beautifully entitled “Aether”, is the perfect track for you. It’s a song to cry to, but also one to listen to while dancing and forgetting your cares.

Created with a super-talented team of artists, “Aether” literally transports you to a different universe and is, in many ways, the extraordinary journey that music was always intended to be. Art, in general. Faizan’s excellent, rhythmical playing of the handpan (a lesser-known drumming instrument) lends a wonderful, hypnotizing catchiness to the whole piece. It’s a sound of great simplicity, but at the same time, it’s wonderfully complex, to the point that once the song is over, you have to hit the repeat button and really focus on his playing to appreciate the subtleties, the obvious talent.

Faizan is a Maldivian artist of great complexity. The founder of popular thrash metal band Serenity Dies (and more recently the drummer of prog rock band Skyrock), Faizan has been developing his solo career on the side, exploring a different, softer side of himself as an artist. “Aether” is a soothing, subtle tune, yet one that stays in your mind long after the music is over.

Of course, the credit is not Faizan’s alone. The track, which will be featured on his upcoming album in 2021, was co-written with Romanian composer Xenti Runceanu, and is performed together with the Amadeus quarter – a group of very talented instrumentalists, also from Romania. Together they create an auditory, and indeed visual, experience that connects each and every one of us with nature, as well as with our inner artist. 

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