The summer’s here, which means all people are looking for is to fall back and chill. And what do you need in order to do that? Why, the perfect track, of course. And don’t you worry, because we’ve got just the thing.

It’s the latest track from singer and songwriter Christopher the Grey, and it’s called, yes, you’ve guessed it, “Fall Back and Chill”. So that you waste no time and get right in the mood for a sweet afternoon of doing nothing.

Or do you? The track, with a sweet, old school kinda vibe, and a looping rhythm, has a deceptive simplicity. While at first it comes off all relaxed and laid back, once you get to listen to the lyrics, you soon see that’s not all Christopher the Grey is about.

The song, as it turns out, acts like a sort of letter to your younger self. It’s somewhat harsh and critical and goes against that laid-back, chilled vibe you first thought you’d hear.

Instead of telling you to do nothing, Christopher the Grey points out the many drawbacks of doing that. He paints a fantastically realistic picture of being young and losing yourself. He shows us with a skilled, well-polished voice, the double-edged sword of not paying attention to your life, of lacking ambition and letting yourself get lost in the work life.

It’s a rich piece that obviously draws on some experiences from his own past. It’s the song of a wise man, trying to tell you one or two things about the future, so that you live your life right.

Okay then, so what’s that gotta do with falling back and chilling, I hear you ask. Well, as I said, it’s a dual sort of track. On the one hand, there’s the obvious warning of an “easy” laid-back life, which might end up taking you where you don’t want to be taken. On the other hand, there’s also this idea of trusting in life, and going where it takes you.

To me, “Fall Back and Chill”, the latest piece from Christopher the Grey, is a song about the precarious balance you need in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life.