Yonas Malto “Don’t Mind”

Boy; oh boy! Do we have a track to kick off the new years right with. First let us give you a little rundown. The artist is from Denmark and goes by the name Yonas Malto. When asked about how the track came to life he said; “he song was created after a party. I was with all my homies at the club and we were lit. I meet 2 girls i hooked up with that night, and slept with one of em. Later that night, i found out that 1 of the girls has a boyfriend. That made me think “am i a bad person because i didn’t mind, and still hooked up with”? Then the song was created as a sketch first. As people liked the sketch, i decided to release the song. I think many people can relate to the song, as it is a party vibe / good vibe – but the song still has a meaning after all. Many people has a relationship but many people “don’t mind” and still cheat.”

Now that you know that lets get into the music. This track is fire! From the lyrics to the beat to production it is truly noteworthy. The moment we heard it we wer like this is something Chris Brown or Kid Ink would sound perfect on the remix. Give it a listen below and keep up with Yonas Malto at instagram.com/yonasmaltoofficial.

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