Tim Lewis “For Lynn”

Introspective lyricist ‘Tim Lewis’ from Maryland shows the world why he’s worth listening to in his upcoming single ‘For Lynn’. The track is set to release on all platforms January 21st and has the world of conscious rap waking up. Fresh production coupled with a catchy rhythmic cadence suggests the rapper’s emotional appeal which is a staple of hip- hop as it was originally recognized. The song itself is dedicated to Tim’s late mother who always wanted the best for him. He describes her as “a true queen” in his words and mentions how she would put everyone before herself. In honor of her memory, this single is more than an artistic statement. It is a testament to the true nature of motherhood.

Lines such as “no matter the condition, you always got me through it”

are just some of the more relatable bars the rapper has to share with an audience who knows what it’s like being raised by a single parent. Dive into more of the artist’s story through YouTube in his vlog here:

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