Tarah Who? and Yur Mum Releases “Push Me” 

Tarah Who? and Yur Mum ”Push Me”

With the world so fast-paced and gender-equal, you would think there would be a more prominent selection of all-female rock bands. Well, we are going to help you all add a pretty dope one to your library. Allow us to introduce you all to Tarah Who?

Tarah Who? is an LA-based female rock duo made up of Tarah Carpenter and Coralie Hervé. Their recent notable release is “Push Me.” With “Push Me,” Tarah Who? joins forces with Brazilian rock duo Yur Mum. Yur Mum is based out of the UK, so it is safe to say this is already an international project.

The cross-sea collaboration has led to an amazing sounding end product. The entire song came together with such chemistry it was only right that there be a music video. So let’s get into it.

After realizing the entire rock segment of the 2020 Grammy’s wasn’t televised live, Tarah came to the conclusion that women in rock were being overlooked. So like any great band, Tarah Who? puts their thoughts into their music with deep passion. Directed by Javier Caudillo of Java Visuals, Tarah Who? made sure to visually display their disliking of the lack of attention paid towards rock music and independent musicians. So, they put on their own little award show. Check it out below.

“Push Me” is available on all major music platforms, including Spotify and SoundCloud. Make sure to follow Tarah Who? and Yur Mum at the links below.

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