Royal DBF ‘Really Want It’

Royal DBF is a young Hip Hop/R&B artist that delivers tongue twisting lyrics and smooth R&B melodies that instantly grab your attention. He’s an excellent performer and a crowd favorite. He’s young, energetic, produces his own music and has a work ethic that’s unmatched. This artist constantly challenges himself and demands respects from those around him. His debut project Young and Get’In It featured tracks such as “Drop It Down Low”, “Shots” and “Gone” which all hit the charts at number one in his city. Royal is gaining his confidence on the stage and quickly learning how to own the stage. He has opened for Big Sean, John Hart, V.I.C, Hurricane Chris and Huey. His passion for performing has morphed into a hunger to be on stage. He’s striving to be a household name, the type of artists that people just know whenever he drops something is going to be nothing short of spectacular.