Punt Guns ‘Who Am I’

Who Am I is the newest high-octane single from daring duo Punt Guns, whose music shifts effortlessly from dreamy interludes to clenched-fist choruses. This is no different, and is not too dissimilar to Royal Blood with electronica running their veins. Compelling and crafted production is the only thing that you can ever consider to be ‘samey’ with Punt Guns, one of the most impressive outfits on the market right now. 

Discussing the single they explain:

”The track almost feels like two songs in one with crushing odd time guitar riff and playful indie verses in a contrast with eerie hip hop beats in choruses outlined by classical music harmony…The message is simple – accepting the uncertainty of the world makes you free from all the expectations. Who Am I, questions are running wild.”
Punt Guns saw the light after Samura1 was in awe seeing Karisma crush his bass hard at a school’s rock concert.  From then on, the pair started to work on their first riffs and forge their unique odd-time genre-bending sound. The pairing have been forging electronic rock, electronica and pop music since 2017, and have spent the last 2 years crafting their fearless debut LP.