Musica Monica Feaster “Never Give Up Hope”

With Suicide rate increasing worldwide an artist by the name Musica Monica Feaster is using her talent to help raise awareness to the cause. Never Give Up Hope is the perfect reminder to do simply that; Never Give Up Hope! The track has an uplifting vibe to it that is perfect for getting your mind back into a positive state.

To help spread the awareness Musica Monica Feaster ask for you to post your dance videos to the song.

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT & JOIN IN ON THE CHALLENGE BY 1.)Downloading the song from iTunes/Amazon or a digital store AND- 2.)Posting YOUR #nevergiveuphope DANCE MOVES on social media with the hash tag #nevergiveuphope {ALL EFFORTS TOWARDS THE CAUSE WILL HELP SPREAD THE MESSAGE} Call for help available 24/7 Call: 1-800-273-8255 ~En español: Llame para obtener ayuda disponible 24/7 Llame: 1-800-273-8255