Monotronic ‘Buy Yourself A Dream’

Monotronic is a band without boundaries that has mastered the art of defying genre and displaying versatility with every new song. Led by anthropologist and musician/producer Ramsey Elkholy, the New York-based collective deliver fresh sounding music layered with atmospheric vibes, while staying rooted in eloquent songcraft.  

Their upcoming single, “Buy Yourself A Dream,” out on September 25 is both pensive and poetic with a vocal melody that is sure to launch Monotronic into the mainstream. When asked about the new song, Elkholy explains, “It’s a song that reflects more on the journey than the destination. We often miss out on the best parts of life when we put too much focus on material goals. That’s the basic gist of the song.” Presave it here:

“Buy Yourself A Dream” is the follow up to the danceable grooves of “Kids of Summer.” See The video here: 

Stream “Kids of Summer” here –

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