Listen up, boyz and girlz, you better clean out your desks, ‘cause there’s a new King in town and class is officially in session. What class, I hear you ask? Why, R&B class, of course. You better prepare yourselves for you are about to be schooled in the ever-enticing study field that is music.

Now, anyone with even the vaguest knowledge of R&B knows that this great genre of music has been in a bit of a decline these past ten, maybe fifteen years. Now, it’s by no means R&B’s fault, it’s just that you don’t hear that much about it anymore. With other genres constantly clamoring on the stage, R&B sat in the corner all but forgotten. Until, that is, one particular artist showed up on the scene.

Detroit-born Linnon Stylz, a all-round artist and the founder and owner of his very own, eponymous record label, has always had a deep love for the genre and for music in general. Convinced from a very early age that he had something to say in this field, he’s been pursuing art relentlessly all his life and is now one of the most exciting new voices out there. 

With his cocky, brand new hit, “Crown Me (The New King of R’n’B)”, Stylz manages to assert his intentions of revitalizing R&B and giving it the modern day makeover it so desperately needs.

The track is not devoid of old school influences. There’s a definite shout-out to R. Kelly somewhere in there, but “Crown Me (The New King of R’n’B)” is a song for the new generation. It’s a song for the kids who didn’t get a chance to get into R&B when it was still cool because they were too small.

Now, Stylz is rapidly establishing himself as one of the leading figures of the new wave of R&B and giving music lovers someone to gather around. 

“That crown is mine,” Stylz sings mid-way through the song, and those aren’t just some empty words. This highly melodic track of his manages to capture your imagination and quickly gets stuck in your head.

His voice flows perfectly with an interesting mix of emotion and laid-back attitude that gives the song this certain something, this incredibly appealing spunk that just forces you to listen. 

We wouldn’t go as far as saying that R&B is reborn with this young artist… yet. But with Linnon Stylz on the scene, we’d say it’s definitely getting there.