John Michael Ferrari ‘Be The Smile On Your Face’

There’s no doubt that John Michael Ferrari has come quite a long way since a Nevada judge dubbed him “incorrigible” when he was a 15 year delinquent. The acclaimed singer songwriter has made a name for himself with a number of gigs on the side, including his credits as a photographer, cinematographer, director, creative producer, music arranger, and author. His most recent project is a collection of songs inspired by his own experiences and those of others on his 2020 album Be the Smile on Your Face.

Ferrari’s calming tone and endearing lyrics captivate his audience and invite them to his world of storytelling. Produced by Pepper Jay, the album has a nostalgic aura that makes you want to lounge on the beach with the love of your life and a cold drink in your hand. It comes with a number of heartwarming love songs including “So Beautiful”, saturated with hypnotizing background vocals and the most calming 
orchestration. You’ll also find an inspirational pick-me-up in the album’s final track, “You Should Be Winning”. 

Pick any of the 12 tunes on Be the Smile on Your Face and you’re sure to feel at home in the warmth of Ferrari’s charming narrative and the accompanying music that channels the old-country sound of Kenny Rogers and Johnny Cash. The combination of the impeccable production and the talent of all the contributing musicians make for an outstanding work, sure to garner life-long fans into Ferrari’s circle.

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