Goliath PAW – Greatness

Goliath PAW
Goliath PAW of Ottawa Ontario, Canada

Its becoming more and more common that our neighbors to the north, Canada to be exact; have a untouched pool of talent just waiting to break through our airwaves. We all know Toronto and the legends Drake and Tory Lanez but A little further north you have Ottawa Ontario, Canada. And thats where we found out about an artist named Goliath PAW. Here is his latest visual for his song titled “Greatness”

Opening with a motivational speech questioning the listeners personal accountability, Goliath PAW follows up with an introspective verse about how his newfound confidence has led him to become his best self. 

“As you listen to the speech you start to self contemplate and question your work ethic in relation to how successful you could be if you just tried a little harder. Instead of the everyday “you can do it!” motivational speeches, I wanted the listener to self reflect for a moment before hearing my verse which I wrote almost as a personal mantra.” – Goliath PAW

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