“Bañador” is featured on Goldilocks’ self-produced album debut Future Famous, a profound dedication to the magic that lies within us, and to the ability that we have inside that allows us to manifest our own reality. An innovative fusion of reggaeton, pop, and hip-hop, the 13-track collection, which was written entirely by the artist herself, merges the unmistakable flavor of the NYC music scene with the infectious rhythms of Latin America and finds its driving force in Mohammad Ali’s belief that he was the greatest, before the public ever declared him to be. Future Famous also features Goldilocks’ singles “La Que No,” “Dance on Me,” “Animal” ft. L O U I S M E, “Type of Way,” and “Cherry.”

As the new rising voice in the Latin urban scene, Goldilocks has taken the industry by storm with her impressive talent and continues to demonstrate the maturity of a seasoned veteran through her refined production and songwriting skills.

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