Frettz ft Jay Splitz ‘Tomorrow’

Frettz, born April 29th 2002 London, sets up his end to summer release “Tomorrow”. Generating excitement with his fans releasing two music videos, and teasing information, pictures, snippets etc via blog sites, interviews and more platforms.

We got in a call with him and this is what he had to say –

“So Tomorrow is a song I made around a year ago with my brother Jay Splitz, it started off as this pretty guitar loop that we then switched up to a spacey euphoric melody that complemented the sound of the guitar when blended together. We spent weeks writing to it even after we had recorded the song in its first few days, there’s definitely still a lot I wish we could have fit into the song despite it being 4 minutes long already.. Which was actually something that worried me to begin with but since playing it to some of the people around me many have said that they hadn’t even noticed which really does reinforce how capturing and ambient the song is.

The intro to the song I think shows how infectious we found it, somewhat long and repetitive but again I couldn’t find anyone to fault it. The beat had us mesmerised, I remember instantly knowing what I wanted the theme to be ; Tomorrow, the unknown around the corner and the anticipated adventures ahead.

Sadly themes among these I didn’t find myself ready to release to my audience at the time for my own personal reasons as well as believing my audience 1. did not know me enough yet and 2. simply weren’t ready

I’m happy to say that a year later, I and they are.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Alba Harden, my videographer and graphic designer, my manager who happens to also be my older smaller brother, both of my parents for supporting this journey of mine and all my friends who I think I can now call fans of at least a song or two

Big up everyone who’s had my back since day, you know who you are.. Now I’m off back to the stu, peace”
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