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  • Elon”Lah Hype”Brunus ‘Bands’

    Fourteen year old artist Elon”Lah Hype”Brunus releases his debut song ‘Bands’. To be only 14; Lah Hype has true potential in music and we can’t...

  • Jeshua ‘Royalty’

    We love when we get submissions from artist in our Hometown of Chicago,Il. We love it even more when its not the usual Drill artist....

  • Kemper Grant ‘Jungle’ Album Review.

    Kemper Grant is a great artist who just released his debut album ‘Jungle’ Jungle is a great album to introduce the world to Kemper Grant....

  • Remydmc ‘Useful’

    Miami artist Remydmc drops his track ‘Useful’ to hold fans over until the release of his Black Attire album.

  • PRIINCE ‘Session 32’

    Prince drops a studio vlog and discusses his mental process behind his sound.

  • Royal Dbf ‘Double Up’

    We haven’t had an artist lately with some speed on the delivery. Royal DBF flow definitely grabs your attention. Royal is defiantly one of those...

  • Eli Amari ‘GRRBAOW’

    The young entrepreneur and artist Eli Amari takes a break from producing to bring the world his new banger ‘GRRBAOW’. From Production to the hook...

  • LoveVsMusic ‘So Stupid’

    Introverted artist LoveVsMusic. The rapper/singer known to wear his emotions on his sleeve (Usually being love and anger). With the name like “LoveVsMusic” you’d expect...

  • DJ Tim ‘Another World’

    Canadas own DJ Tim aka Stan Sitwell drops his latest Single ‘Another World’.

  • Big Nobeli ‘Wop’

    It’s officially summer and Big Nobeli is ready to make it even hotter with his track ‘Wop’.