Alex Veach releases new album ”Enigma”

Alex Veach

Alex Veach is an American rapper and singer-songwriter. His songs have varied across genres from conscious hip hop to trap and soul. He’s got features and collabs with top notch artists around the world. With that experience under his belt, he just dropped an EP called Enigma. The full mix features an array of electronic music without any of his signature vocals. The album contains house, dubstep, and EDM and plenty of drops. With Veach changing up his vibe, we just had to ask the artist… 

Why don’t you sing on this album?

“Well, I produced Enigma while I was in business school at INSEAD, an intense MBA program in France. I barely had any time to record in studio. And really, once I started exploring these new sounds in Ableton, I felt the mix really didn’t need the vocals. I preferred to keep the instrumental minimal and thought it would be best to not overwhelm the listener. I think with some of my other tracks, I layered too many voices making the songs overly complex. However, if you ever catch me in performance, I may add a verse here or there and fire a few bars I prepared. Can’t wait honestly.”

We also couldn’t wait to tell you all about “Enigma” check it out below!

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