• Music

    Elon”Lah Hype”Brunus ‘Bands’

    Fourteen year old artist Elon”Lah Hype”Brunus releases his debut song ‘Bands’. To be only 14; Lah Hype has true potential in music and we can’t wait to hear more.

    Jeshua ‘Royalty’

    We love when we get submissions from artist in our Hometown of Chicago,Il. We love it even more when its not the usual Drill artist. No offense, we love...

    Kemper Grant ‘Jungle’ Album Review.

    Kemper Grant is a great artist who just released his debut album ‘Jungle’ Jungle is a great album to introduce the world to Kemper Grant. How ever we felt...

    Remydmc ‘Useful’

    Miami artist Remydmc drops his track ‘Useful’ to hold fans over until the release of his Black Attire album.

    PRIINCE ‘Session 32’

    Prince drops a studio vlog and discusses his mental process behind his sound.

    Royal Dbf ‘Double Up’

    We haven’t had an artist lately with some speed on the delivery. Royal DBF flow definitely grabs your attention. Royal is defiantly one of those artist where listening to...

    Eli Amari ‘GRRBAOW’

    The young entrepreneur and artist Eli Amari takes a break from producing to bring the world his new banger ‘GRRBAOW’. From Production to the hook the Bronx native gives...

    LoveVsMusic ‘So Stupid’

    Introverted artist LoveVsMusic. The rapper/singer known to wear his emotions on his sleeve (Usually being love and anger). With the name like “LoveVsMusic” you’d expect to hear romantic love...

    DJ Tim ‘Another World’

    Canadas own DJ Tim aka Stan Sitwell drops his latest Single ‘Another World’.

    Big Nobeli ‘Wop’

    It’s officially summer and Big Nobeli is ready to make it even hotter with his track ‘Wop’.